Courting disaster in Pakistan

Those who live by the Bush, die by the Bush. First Bush has his Pakistan strongman, Musharraf, commit his military to an unpopular and unwinnable campaign to seal the Pakistan/Afhganistan border, then when Musharraf proves unable to do the impossible, he gets set up to be the fall guy for their failed Afghanistan campaign. NoRead more ⟶

Canadian Muslim Union opposes “visual identification” legislation

The Canadian Muslim Union (CMU) expresses its profound concern over the Government of Canada’s proposed “measures to confirm the visual identification of voters.” We believe this is an attack on the religious freedom of Muslims that panders to Islamophobes. We further believe that such pandering only strengthens the existing prejudice against Muslims that has beenRead more ⟶

For the love of Allah

Gay Muslims’ Pride prayerBy EL-FAROUK KHAKI Bronxville, New York — I am tingling; my heart is beating fast as I lead the Maghrib (sunset) prayer here at a Sarah Lawrence College hall at the very first conference of Muslims for Progressive Values, June 17. It’s such an honour, I’m thinking, to pray with this groupRead more ⟶

New Year’s Resolutions for the Canadian Government

The Canadian Muslim Union calls upon the Canadian Government address these resolutions in the new year as Muslims around the world celebrate the festival of Eid-ul-Adhah: Release the remaining three who being held under security certificates, stop their deportation proceedings and implement due process for security certificates. Implement the Refugee Appeals division promised in theRead more ⟶

Muslim imams removed off an airline: CMU condemns this act of racial profiling

On November 19 in Minneapolis, six Muslim imams who were returning home after attending a national conference of their professional association, were handcuffed and removed from US Airways flight 300. Their removal was sought by the airline when a concerned passenger complained after witnessing these imams praying at the airport. The Canadian Muslim Union (CMU),Read more ⟶

Canadian Muslim Union calls for ISNA (Canada) to retract remarks

The Canadian Muslim Union takes strong exception to ISNA (Canada) Director M.D. Khalid’s remarks that “very attractive women” should cover their faces. There is nothing in the Quran or common practice that suggests that attractive people of either gender as opposed to “regular people” should wear different clothing. And most traditions, Muslim or otherwise, around female dressRead more ⟶