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Canadian Muslim Union calls for Toronto City Council to reconsider reforms
Canadian Muslim Union opposes racist reforms for Toronto City Council elections
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This page contains links to articles written by CMU members. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the CMU or its Board of Directors.

Date Publication Title or issue Author
2007-11-07 Countercurrents logo Pakistan’s Disorder – Another Fine Mess Created By Uncle Sam Javed I. Chaudry
2007-11-07 Toronto Star logo Courting disaster in Pakistan Gary Dale
2007-08-31 Countercurrents logo Pakistan’s Musharraf – Bhutto Deal Javed I. Chaudry
2007-06-21 Now Magazine logo For the love of Allah El-Farouk Khaki
2007-02-01 Toronto Star logo Double standard applied to mosque Gary Dale
2006-11-09 Countercurrents logo The Bigger Thugs To Hang The Smaller Thug Javed I. Chaudry
2006-10-21 Apostasy in Islam Javed I. Chaudry
2006-10-09 Countercurrents logo Canada Need Not Follow The US Javed I. Chaudry
2006-10-03 PNAC and Illusions of Terror Javed I. Chaudry
2006-09-14 The American Misadvanture in Afghanistan Javed I. Chaudry
2006-08-31 The short life of Dilawar Khan Gary Dale
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