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By-laws (draft)

  1. Duties of the Executive

    1. The duties of the President shall include presiding at meetings of the Association; convening and presiding at meetings of the Executive; and presenting an annual report on behalf of the Executive at the Annual Board Meeting.
    2. The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the president in the president's absence.
    3. The duties of the Secretary General shall include recording and distributing the minutes of meetings of the Board and the Executive; receiving correspondence for the Association and bringing it to the attention of the Executive; and providing notice of Board meetings to the Board.
    4. The duties of the Membership Secretary shall include maintaining the Association's membership records; and preparing an annual membership report for presentation at the Annual Board Meeting.
    5. The duties of the Chief Financial Officer shall include: maintaining records of all expenditures and revenues of the Association; reporting regularly to the Executive concerning the state of the Association's finances; and preparing an annual financial report for presentation at the Annual Board Meeting.
  2. Board Members

    1. The Board shall include up to 13 directors in addition to the Executive. The Board may assign specific responsibilities to these Directors.
  3. Elections

    1. Members in good standing for at least one year may be nominated for the Board by two members in good standing who have also each been a member in good standing for at least one year.
    2. Nominations must be announced to the Members and to the Secretary no earlier than the start of the month before elections are held and no later than the start of the month the elections are held.
    3. The board shall appoint an election officer who is a member in good standing and who is not standing for election to oversee the election.
    4. The election officer is responsible for mailing a ballot containing the names of all elegible candidates to each member in good standing at the time at least three weeks before the election date.
    5. Each ballot will be mailed with a return envelope and an unmarked inner envelope for the completed ballot.
    6. Members may select no more candidates than there are Board positions. Ballots with too many candidates selected will be considered spoiled.
    7. All returned ballots will be held unopened by the election officer until election day.
    8. On election day, the election officer and not more than one scrutineer appointed by each candidate shall match the return address and names of the returned ballots against the current membership list, open the outer return envelopes and deposit the inner envelopes containing the ballots into a container. The election officer and any assistants recruited for the counting shall then open and count the ballots.
    9. The candidates with the most votes shall be appointed to the Board up to the number of Board positions. If two or more candidates have the same number of votes for the final Board position(s), the winner(s) will be chosen by lot from those candidates.
    10. The results of the elections will be announced to the Members as quickly as possible.
    11. Within one month of the elections, the new Board shall convene a general meeting to elect the executive.
  4. Membership Dues

    1. The Board may set dues to be collected from the membership. Payment of such dues will be required to be a member in good standing.
  5. Discussion List

    1. The CMU shall maintain a public discussion list that is open to the public and which shall not be moderated unless a 2/3 majority of the Board feel the circumstances require it. Such moderation shall not last longer than 2 weeks unless renewed by a 2/3 majority of the Board.
    2. If the Board suspects that a participant in the list is not who they claim to be, the Board reserves the right to request confirmation of identity. At its discretion, the board may suspend a person until their identity is verified. Failure to provide confirmation within a reasonable time when requested will result in a permanent ban.
    3. If a person on the discussion list engages in repeated personal attacks, uses multiple aliases or other disruptive behaviour on the list, the Board can suspend them for a period of one week. If the board considers a second discipline for someone within a 6-month period, the penalty will be a permanent ban.
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