Canada’s Role in Afghanistan

It is evident on this 5th anniversary of the events leading up to the invasion of Afghanistan that the NATO-led coalition forces have clearly failed to bring peace and security to the region.The Canadian Muslim Union calls for an end to the NATO war and occupation in Afghanistan and urges the Canadian government to work to bring about a diplomatic solution to the crisis. We also urge the Canadian government to participate in a U.N. peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.

The current mission to subdue the Taliban has not only failed, but has in fact led to the further entrenchment of the Taliban in that region. The people of Afghanistan have battled foreign forces for the past 30 years. It is time that they had peace and tranquillity on their soil to allow them to rebuild their infrastructure, homes, schools, medical facilities, etc. to allow them to move forward.

It is also time that we stood up for our brave troops fighting in Afghanistan in a mission that cannot succeed for goals Canadians do not support. If our troops are to be put harms way, it should be as peacekeepers and defenders of human life and human rights, not to prop up a corrupt government that is scarcely different from its enemies.

The Canadian Muslim Union abhors what the Taliban stand for and have done in Afghanistan. However, the real enemy that needs to be attacked is ignorance arising from illiteracy, poverty and constant warfare. It is the education of the future generations of Afghan children that will change the culture that believes women are not the equal of men, freedom of religion is the tool of the devil and other such outdated and parochial ideas. You cannot change a culture with bombs and bullets.

Canada has long been regarded world-wide as a peacemaker. The Canadian Muslim Union urges the Canadian government to bring our troops home and to work towards a peaceful solution to the crisis. Only through peacekeeping, aid and assistance can we help Afghanistan become a land of peace, progress and prosperity.