Canadian Muslim Union calls for peace in Darfur

September 17 marks the one-year anniversary of the United Nations’ pledge to provide security for civilians around the world. Even though a U.N. resolution calling for peacekeeping forces passed earlier this month at the Security Council, the situation in Darfur has continued to deteriorate. The Sudanese government has launched a new military campaign; continues toRead more ⟶

CMU statement to Ontario’s Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform

The Citizens’ Assembly is charged with the most important and far reaching change to Ontario since confederation. By reforming our electoral system, you are setting off a cascade of that will touch the lives of every resident in the Province. It is of primary importance that this work succeed in improving how we elect ourRead more ⟶

Statement on Pope Benedict’s remarks

The Canadian Muslim Union (CMU) is saddened by the remarks and quotes made by Pope Benedict regarding Islam and the Prophet Muhammed. The CMU hopes His Holiness now recognizes that in quoting the references he gave them legitimacy. To have chosen to make such insensitive and provocative statements is at best short-sighted, if not irresponsible,Read more ⟶