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Canadian Muslim Union calls for Toronto City Council to reconsider reforms
Canadian Muslim Union opposes racist reforms for Toronto City Council elections
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The Canadian Muslim Union (CMU) is a grassroots organization that provides a voice to Muslims who seek a progressive vision of Islam. We believe the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian constitution and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights are paramount in pursuing that vision.

As Muslims we believe in a progressive, liberal, pluralistic, democratic, and secular society where everyone has the freedom of religion. We want our communities to be equal and active contributors and participants in the development of a just, democratic, and equitable society in Canada. And we want our organisation to be just, democratic and equitable as well.

The CMU will seek to engage the larger Muslim community in issues of human rights, human dignity, social justice and alternate progressive and inclusive visions of Islam. In so doing, we aim to instil joy in the celebration of our identities as Muslims and as Canadians with social consciences and a commitment to social justice and human dignity.

  • We believe the separation of religion and state should be respected in all matters of public policy.
  • We oppose the fanaticism and extremism that afflicts some elements within the Muslim community.
  • We believe gender equity is enshrined in Islam and will work to ensure that it is practiced in our Mosques and our Communities.
  • We believe that homophobia has no place in our society and will oppose it where ever we find it.
  • We will work for a progressive, equitable and accessible public policies in Canada.
  • We will work to build a Canada where personal initiative and creativity are celebrated and rewarded, but not at the cost of our responsibility towards the broader community.
  • We will work to build communities free from the ravages of racism, intolerance, ignorance, disease, and poverty.
  • We will work for a world where religion becomes a force of joy, enlightenment, democracy, peace and bridge-building, rather than hate, oppression, war and division.
  • We support the right of people around the world to live free from oppression and with economic and social justice for all.
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