New Year’s Resolutions for the Canadian Government

The Canadian Muslim Union calls upon the Canadian Government address these resolutions in the new year as Muslims around the world celebrate the festival of Eid-ul-Adhah:

  1. Release the remaining three who being held under security certificates, stop their deportation proceedings and implement due process for security certificates.
  2. Implement the Refugee Appeals division promised in the new legislation.
  3. Fill vacant positions on the Immigration and Refugee Board.
  4. To promote a peace process in Afghanistan in order to end the fighting and help to build a more secure and sustainable future in the region.
  5. Lift the embargo on Palestine and recognize its democratically elected government.
  6. Question interventions made by world superpowers and support locally driven solutions to building peace and democracy.
  7. Live up to our commitment to end child poverty in Canada.
  8. Eliminate tied aid and reorient Canada’s foreign aid program to promote self-sufficiency, fair trade, indigenous rights, resource conservation, and rapid and concerted measures to fight the AIDS epidemic.
  9. Implement real measures for Canada to meet its Kyoto commitments.
  10. Restore the national housing program and end homelessness in Canada.