PNAC and Illusions of Terror

Going by its par value, it may appear that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will never be won. Those who started these invasions are not exactly a bunch of idiots. They are doing this according to certain long term plan for the future – they know what are they doing and they are winning it too.

People have almost forgotten by now that there is another aspect to all this mumbo-jumbo of terrorism, 9/11 and Al-Qaida etc. It is all about the plans of PNAC (Project for New American Century). In order to stay a super power, one way is to make it stronger militarily and economically – which they already are. The other way to achieve the same is to make the adversaries weaker in both of those areas. Since the members of PNAC think tank are Zionists, some Christian and others Jewish; they had yet another goal set forth as a ‘byproduct’ of the “operation PNAC”, that was to destroy potential enemies of Israel in the region and help it to expand.

So far, they have managed to destroy one major and potential enemy of Israel, which is Iraq. They are working on Iran now.

The invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq is for one purpose, to have control on the world resources. The most important world resource, oil, happens to be plentiful in the Middle East. Although Afghanistan has no oil, but it is to serve as an important route for oil and gas pipelines from Central Asia to Arabian sea. America has already set up bases in the Central Asia as part of the long term control.

As far as 9/11 and terrorism is concerned, those are well designed illusions, intentionally created to keep the simpletons of the world busy in irrelevant debates while the American imperialists take care of the real business of destroying others who may be in the way and controlling the world resources to control others economy. The excuse of 9/11 and terrorism is a double edged sword to do what needs to be done without making it too obvious that it is being done. Those are the games of PNAC.

As you can see, according to PNAC plans, they do not need to have the verdict as to who won the war? There is no war – an invasion to achieve PNAC goals. The real reason for doing it is deep and highly deceptive. We have to stop scratching the surface and get underneath to discover the real treachery and conspiracies set forth by PNAC.